Monday, April 28, 2008

K and his clothes

K has been talking sooo much lately...his personality is coming out and it is so cool. In fact, he really enjoys picking out his clothes. He often knows what he wants to wear before he even goes into his closet in the morning. Like a few days ago he says to me. "Wear cool bike shirt Mommy", and so I said ok and went and got his bike shirt...he looks at it and says like I should have known "No Mommy, wear cool yellow bike shirt." So, I put the other one away and got the cool yellow one! He also picks out his PJ's. Last night he wanted his "cool blue bike PJ's", which is what he is showing you in the pictures. One more funny the playground he stopped his little friend and said "Wow, cool shirt". I think it had a basketball on it or something. He is quite the fashionable little guy!