Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We had a wonderful day yesterday with our parents. K was/is sick...with he was not his chipper self, but we did our best to enjoy our day! We cooked out a wonderful meal with our parents and then just sat and chatted on our back patio. We have a fence now and so K was free to move about, which was super nice. Our neighbors had a huge party and set off fireworks so all we had to do is sit in our back yard and watch the show! It was the first time K has seen fireworks and we have been talking about the "kabooms" all week. At first he really liked them but toward the end he said "No, we go inside, no get ouchies!" (and I have to say they were right over top of us, and they were like the real deal I can see how he thought we might get ouchies!). He decided it was safer to watch them with Papa inside in the sun room! After all the festivities we went to bed...K was exhausted especially cause he was sick. It took him less than a minute to fall asleep! Unfortunately, he didn't stay asleep and so our quest for a full night sleep is still on!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
My handsome boys!

K loves bubbles!

and his scooter!

Wow, fireworks!