Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've been tagged-7 random things about me.

So, Vic from has tagged me. Here it may be difficult for me to come up with 7 interesting random things about myself. I'll do my best.
I am not sure how to put the picture thing on here!!

1. I have 5 brothers and I am the youngest. I am even 15 minutes younger than my twin brother. I spent all of elementary school and jr. high career begging my mom to have another baby. I wonder why she thought 6 was enough?!!

2. I was an avid athlete. I played every sport my school offered and did pretty well in them all. Basketball was my favorite sport. I was in the gym just about every night after doing my homework and in the summer, as we lived right next to my school (my dad was/is the pastor of the church that founded the school). I used to shoot 100 foul shots just about every day and I recorded how many I made each time. I was the first girl to ever make 1000 career points in my high school and I did it within a week of my twin brother. 4 of my 5 brothers also hit 1000 career points in high school. I might add that my best friend is the only other girl to have hit that milestone too...and that was 10 years ago! I went on to play basketball at FLCC and Roberts Wesleyan College.

3. My first job was landscaping at my dad's church and LCS. I loved mowing because I always had a great tan. Since then I have worked at Tom Whal's, Cracker Barrel, Macaroni Grill, I have been a nanny, and I have taught P.E. and 5th and 6th grade. I have a teaching degree, and I hope to go back to teaching some day! When I was in college I worked 30 hours a week at Cracker Barrel, and played basketball...I was very busy, but liked it that way!

4. Speaking of tanning, I started an obsession in college. I used to tan 4-5 times a week for 2o minutes ...YIKES!!! I don't do that anymore!

5. One of my former boyfriends introduced me to Mark at the "Klatch" a coffee house run by him. I was in college. My boyfriend then dumped me, and I started attending EGC and got involved with "Passion for Him", which was a ministry run by Mark. I travelled and helped out as a leader. I didn't think of Mark romantically at first...after all he was too old for me! But then the Lord had other is funny because he and I went to a movie (one of the Star Wars movies) with mutual friends and that is the night we both felt like we could be more then friends. We knew that the Lord had a plan for us even though it took years for it to come to fruition.

6. I trained for a marathon, but then never ran in it. I was running 14-16 miles at a time. It is one of my life goals to run in one!!

7. My biggest fear since elementary school has been the fear of not being able to get pregnant...well, that fear has come true...but, God is so faithful and I am so happy that he is Sovereign and despite my biggest fear coming true, he has truly blessed me! I wouldn't change a thing because if I did...I wouldn't have the JOY of my heart...K-Man.

Thanks Vic for tagging was fun coming up with 7 things about me! I have to think about who I want to tag next!