Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Summer Fun.

I have been super busy this summer. I have been running a ton....I ran in the Utica Boilermaker last weekend (15K) and is was such a fun, fun race. I ran with a friend and we went the night before and made it a girl weekend. It was really relaxing and fun. I ran pretty good too. I did it in 1 hour and 28 minutes....my goal was to do it under an hour and a half so I met my goal!! It was a decent size race too, about 12,000 people. It took me 9 minutes just to get to the starting line! I also ran my longest run thus far on Sunday.....16 miles. I did it in 2 hours and 40 minutes. I felt pretty good running, but my knees killed Sunday night...I think next time I will take advil before I run. I have 3 more long runs before my marathon on September 13th...I think I can do it!!! It has been hard to train, but hope it will be worth it in the end.
(My friend and I at the Boilermaker 15K)
We have family in town this week and it always so great to see family! Kman LOVES playing with his big cousins! Kman also started swim lessons. I am so proud of him. He is doing so well. He has listened very well to his instructors. I told him I was proud of him and he said...."but Mommy, I was so scared!" I told him that he was brave!

In other news...Kman has ALWAYS given us a VERY, VERY HARD time with his haircuts and we decided with an older cousin here we would take him to a hair salon and maybe with the influence of a big cousin he would get his hair cut without a fight....and he did!!!! Seriously, that was such an answer to prayer!!! Next time I want him to get a more stylish hair cut instead of just a buzz. I'd like him to have more hair on top and shorter on the sides...do you think that would look cute? I am not always sure how to do his hair.....but, for now it is shaved off and we won't have to do anything to it for a few months!! Praise the Lord.