Saturday, March 23, 2013

Balancing Act

I feel like my season of life is all about trying to balance everything....I mean how do you potty train a 2 year old, feed an infant every 3-4 hours, keep on top of housework, work with a special needs 7 year old, keep up with friends, and try to lose 30 pounds...haha, that is my life! It is exhausting just writing about it!

I am learning to just take one moment at a time and give it all to the LORD...if I get too far ahead of myself I feel anxious and stressed. I have lived life that way in the past (and still struggle with those things at times), and it is not fun because it paralyzes me. I am also learning to let things go, and to not be so hard on myself. There are days I fail miserably...I fail my kids, my husband and myself....and I am learning to give my weaknesses and bad days to HIM and to trust HIM in it all. After all, I am human and I can't do everything for everyone. I sometimes yell at my kids (ok more then sometimes), I lose my patience, I get uptight with my husband, I spend too much money on groceries....but these are all reminders that I need HIM more then ever. AND, it is a good opportunity to apologize to my kiddos and let them see that I am not perfect (not that they think I am..haha). =)

Some of the things I am really trying to focus on this week are:
Spending time in Devo's each morning, running every day.
Continuing to work on personal space with Kman and reading with him more at night.
I really want to spend time finger painting with JJ this week...he loves it and I don't let him do it much, because it is soo messy...but this week I want to make time for the mess. ALSO, starting the process of potty training!
Cuddling and loving on K-baby!
I want to make dinner a few times this week. I know it means a lot to Mark.

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