Saturday, March 2, 2013

Challenge for this week:

If you come to my house you will often here these things said:
"Kman, stop touching your brother."
"Kman, sit."
"Kman, stop touching your brother."
"Kman, don't get into your Dad's space."
Repeat about 1000 times....

SO, our challenge as parents this week is teaching Kman about personal space. This is a challenge as he is a lover and loves to is how he feels loved too. SO, how do you teach him to be himself, but also teach him is very difficult. We can not teach him by using words and explaining it to him...which we have tried, it simply doesn't work.

Today I cut up a towel and labeled one for Kman and one for JJ. This is their personal when they watch TV or are playing with trains on the floor if Kman touches JJ or JJ touches Kman then they are invading eachothers space. We are trying to show Kman the appropriate space that people really need (and in other cultures it is different, in some cultures it is acceptable to be much closer).

So far it has worked ...Kman has watched a show on his "space". Everytime he got of it, he had to turn the TV off for 10 took awhile for him to finish his 30 minute show. BUT, hopefully this strategy will help him see and learn how to give people space.

It is difficult as a parent to follow through...even when your children don't have special needs it is is EXHAUSTING to implement these strategies and be faithful to follow through...but it is SOO important to....that is my challenge this week to not let exhaustion make me "lazy".....

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